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Essential Reading Apps that Every Reader Should Use!

You can’t get enough of books when you are a book lover. But at times it becomes difficult to keep the track of your reading on daily basis especially if you are a new reader.However if you are already and avid reader and have difficulty managing your reading habit, you need not to worry! We have apps that can solve your problems and can make it easy for you to keep a track for your reading and books.

book review of Jasmine Days by Benyamin thenotoriousreader
Book Review Fiction Indian Author


Sameera Parvin moves to an unnamed Middle Eastern city to live with her father and her relatives. She thrives in her job as a radio jockey and at home she is the darling of the family. But her happy world starts to fall apart when revolution blooms in the country. As the people’s agitation gathers strength, Sameera finds herself and her family embroiled in the politics of their adopted land. She is forced to choose between family and friends, loyalty and love, life and death.