Reading slumps, they happen to all of us! No matter how dedicated and diligent readers we are, it’s completely normal to get into a reading rut after a while. So don’t get frustrated if picking up and reading a book feels like a chore or if you are reading but are unable to focus.

Let’s have a look at some ways to beat a reading slump and to get back to normal.

Reading different genre

Reading slump can happen to any of us, doing opposite of whatever puts you there might help in beating it. May be you are reading the same genre books all over, as sometimes you need some heart-pounding horror or a thriller to jolt you out of the reading slump. So finding some different plot and switching to some other genre books might help you to break the reading slump.

Here are the Best Mystery and Thriller 2018 recommended by Goodreads:

Here are the Best Horror 2018 recommendations by Goodreads:

Reading Short Books

Try reading a short story or a book of poetry as reading longer books might feel boring or monotonous. Finishing a short and easy book will give you sense of accomplishment and will also remind you of how much you like reading!

Here are some Short books with less the 200 pages that you won’t regret picking up:

Animal Farm:

The Old Man and the Sea:

The Great Gatsby:

The Stranger:

Take a break from your Phone

Sometimes when we try reading, answering a text or a call or to check out the social media notifications or Google about some random thought you had, becomes a distraction while reading. So taking a break from your phone might help you to read for longer.

While iphones have an inbuilt setting of tracking screen usage time, android users can use apps like this to keep track of their phone usage:

Social Fever-Stop online addiction:

Your Hour – phone addiction tracker and controller:

Forest: Stay Focused:

Re-reading a favorite 

If there are no books that are retaining your attention, try reading the one that is your all-time favorite and fall back into the story that you liked the most in the first place. Re- reading your favorite book that you fell in love with might help you get over the book hangovers and might be the only thing you need to shake off the reading slump. Whenever I find myself in serious reading slump, I find myself going back to reading Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings series.

Take some time to write

The key to be a great writer is to be a great reader first and if it is hard for you to focus on reading, you might need a break from reading and instead jolt down the thoughts, stories that are running in your mind and you never know you might come up with your own inspiring creation.

Check out Wattpad for fellow writers and major writing inspiration. Just create your own account and write whatever your heart desires!

So curl up under the warmest blanket and settle in for a night of reading.