With rapid changes in technology, there are many recent developments that have made our life easier and simpler. Smart phones have transformed the role of communication in our lives. Because of cellphones equipped with fastest internet then ever before, there are numerous apps that have changed the lifestyle of people. While some apps have made us lazy, wasting our time surfing internet for hours, there are also many apps which can actually help you improve your time management and get your life together.

Here are some amazing apps that might help you to manage you time and your life better.


Wunderlist is a to-do and task list app that allows you to share your lists with friends and colleagues and helps people to share their ideas and aspirations through lists of places to visit, project deadlines and many more. It is an ideal app for home, work and play that is available on almost all platforms including android and iOS. It enables real-time collaboration with intuitive design, the app is extremely fast and convenient to use.


Dropbox is a powerful app for small- sized businesses that allows to have an online storage locker for important documents. Files, images, videos and other data can be posted in your Dropbox and accessed from anywhere. All the data remains secure in Dropbox and offers a safer backup option.

These are the apps that made our lives easier and we hope they will keep your lives sorted too. Go ahead with these apps and let us know if they made your lives easier and sorted or not.

To-Do Calendar Planner

To-Do Calendar Planner is a great app and a powerful tool to organize and manage your tasks. It is a powerful tool that helps you to link your personal goals to tasks enlisted where tasks can directly be scheduled on the calendar. It sets multiple reminders for an appointment and writes notes for specific appointments. The tasks allotted can be seen in a daily, weekly or monthly. Synchronizing and clean- up feature helps to improve your productivity.


TripIt is a great app for people who often travel. It takes care of everything that you need to travel be it your documents or the places you want to explore. It even sets reminders and has everything set for you just with the touch of button. So you don’t need to worry, you just need to install it in your phone and have everything sorted.

Pocket Cast

Pocket cast is a great app that has wide selections of the podcast shows where we can download, subscribe or even save the shows to the collection. It is a simple app with clean design so it is easy to operate. So fret not, just install this beautiful app and you’re sorted.


It is an app that allows you to keep all your passwords remembered by saving them at one place and protected by just one password. This saves you a lot of time and will enable you to retrieve your password when you forget them. So don’t compromise with your security, and install this password friendly app.

Google Keep

It is a simple note-taking application for both Android and iOS devices that enables you to quickly note down what is on your mind and reminds you later when required. Even photos can be attached to your notes and lists. You can even record a voice memo that gets transcribed by it. One of the most interesting features of this app is that it has the ability to color code your notes that helps you organize them effectively.


Are you trying to lose weight but can’t find time? Don’t worry! My Fitness pal got you covered. It has a great database regarding complete nutritional information related to food that further ensures you to eat proper nutrients that are required to maintain balanced diet and balanced meals throughout the day. Create your own recipes or foods or just enter the exercise and set goals of your own to work upon them.


It is an app that provides task lists management with specific goals in mind and can be synchronized across multiple devices. It can also set tasks from an e-mail. It automatically generates a smart list of items that are required to be acted upon by analyzing the tasks.


It is an app specifically designed for iPhones and iPads that allows jotting down tasks and set reminders quickly. It is an exclusive app that tracks task and de-clutter your calendar. If there is a change of plans, you can reschedule your plan by editing the reminder on the fly so it is extremely easy to modify reminders with Due. This app also provides reminders with auto snooze options until you mark the task as complete or re-schedule the task, the auto snooze repeatedly notifies you of the task pending.