5 Movies Based On Books To Watch That Are Recommemded by Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs. Funnybones is known for her love for reading and her satirical writing. She writes about a lot of topics and this time she has written about 5 movies based on books that you can watch.

  • The Breadwinner

Based on Deborah Ellis’s novel, the movie narrates the story of Parvana, an 11-year-old girl whose father is wrongfully taken away by the Taliban. Parvana cuts off her hair and dresses like a boy to support her family and tries really hard to bring back her father.

  • Matilda

This 1996 movie is based on Roald Dahl’s famous book. Matilda’s parents don’t appreciate her. When her principal tortures her and a kind-hearted teacher, she uses her telekinetic powers to settle scores. Twinkle even went on to say, “This is a film that, I dare say, is almost as good as the book.”

  • The Blue Umbrella

Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaptation of a story by Ruskin Bond is a lyrical journey. A young girl exchanges her bear claw charm for a Japanese tourist’s blue umbrella. It is a moving tale of aspiration and redemption, held together by a fundamental human quality, kindness.

  • Tales from the Loop

Inspired by a book of paintings by Simon Stålenhag, this show may not be for children, but aside from one episode about a lonely security guard, there are enough children and robots running through the series to keep your little ones engaged.

  • The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s directorial debut is a retelling of a memoir by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. It is an account of 13-year-old William’s attempts at fending off famine in his village. Expelled for being unable to pay his school fees, he sneaks into the library and studies on his own. Armed with old textbooks and rusted parts from junkyards, he attempts to design a windmill, clashing with his father over the one component he needs the most, belief in his abilities. A triumph of faith and human ingenuity, you won’t come out of this dry-eyed.

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