6 Must-Read Sudha Murty Books

Sudha Murty is an Indian engineering teacher and Kannada and English author. She began her professional career in computer science and engineering. Sudha Murty has written numerous books. They are about family, love, social issues, and much more. She has received many awards and honors for her contributions. Here are 6 of her books that are a must-read:

  • How I Taught My Grandmother to Read: and Other Stories

This book came out in 2004 and was published by Penguin. The book has been translated in more than 15 languages, received 7 awards, and grabbed a spot in the ‘100 Children’s book to read in a lifetime’. It’s an unusual tale where moving away from the age barriers, the grandmother bows down and touches the feet of her granddaughter as a mark of respect towards her teacher.

  • The Bird with the Golden Wings

This book is a perfect example of ‘What goes around, comes around – Karma’. It includes stories of a poor little girl rewarded for her selflessness, a sweet sea turning salty, and many more. Get lost in the world of magic and charm of these witty stories by Sudha Murty.

  • The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk: Life Lessons from Here and There

The book narrates extraordinary stories about ordinary people’s lives. Take Vishnu, who achieves every material success but never knows happiness; or Venkat, who talks so much that he has no time to listen. In other stories, a young girl goes on a train journey that changes her life forever; an impoverished village woman provides bathing water to hundreds of people in a drought-stricken area; a do-gooder ghost

  • Wise and Otherwise

This is a non-fiction book written by Sudha Murty. The book depicts human nature in all its forms and colors. From a selfish man throwing his own father out of the house to a grateful woman remembering to thank her benefactor even on her deathbed.

  • The Old Man and His God

This book talks about the struggles and hardships which people living in the slums and village areas face. There are stories about people’s generosity—and selfishness—in times of natural disasters like the tsunami; women struggling to speak out in a world that refuses to listen to them; and tales

  • House of Cards

House of Cards is the story of Mridula, a bright young woman with enormous enthusiasm for life who hails from a Karnataka village. A chance meeting with Sanjay, a talented but impoverished doctor, leads to love—and the couple marry and settle in Bangalore. The more Mridula sees of the world, the more she realizes how selfish and materialistic people can be. Will Mridula be able to save Sanjay’s soul?

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