A Dog’s Purpose Book Review

A Dog's purpose book review

Drafting a book review for ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ by W. Bruce Cameron was an absolute delight. It is an adorable and hilarious book. The book takes us along on the journey of a dog, who wants to find out the real purpose of his life. He does so over the course of several lives. The book is narrated from the dog’s point of view, which is adorable as he tries to learn our ways. It has some really funny and touching moments, which are sure to melt even the coldest hearts.


Our cute little canine starts off as a pup in a stray’s litter. He is saved by a lady who has a yard full of dogs, but things don’t end well from him when animal control shows up. He is born again, this time becoming Bailey, the beloved pet of eight-year-old Ethan. During this time Bailey learns about the satisfaction of being a “good dog” and experiences the purest, joyful relationship he will have with a human. Bailey not only adores Ethan, but he also risks his life to protect him. After years of devotion, he is sure that he has fulfilled his purpose. But when he awakes again in a new female body, she finds that her journey is not yet finished.

The book is really fresh and perfect if you want to read something for the soul. You can’t help but fall in love with Bailey and his perspective of the world. He realizes early on that cats are not to be trusted and that horses are completely unreliable. He loves to lick plates when mom isn’t looking and would do anything to spend time with Ethan, who he refers to as his boy.

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My Opinion of the book ‘A Dog’s purpose

The book is heartwarming and insightful. It brings out a new meaning to the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend.” After reading this book you are bound to look at your pet in a different light. All you will want to do after that is hug your four-legged friend and never let him/her go. Every pet parent must read this book and celebrate their relationship with their most loyal friend ever. You can also watch the movie made by the same name.

We hope our book review A Dog’s purpose encourage you to read this book with the curiosity to create a better understanding with your furry friend.

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