A Dog’s Way Home: Book Review

A dog's way home

A Dog’s Way Home is another moving story of love and loyalty by W. Bruce Cameron. Like Cameron’s previous book, A dog’s purpose, this book too is written from the dog’s point of view. The book is beautifully written and goes on to showcase the bond that a person shares with their pet. The book is about a possible Pit Bull mix named Bella and her ‘person’ Lucas.

Lucas finds Bella when she is just a puppy in an abandoned building which is set to be demolished. He takes her home and has to teach her to stay quiet as pets are not allowed in his building. They grow to love each other and she is the best dog that he should have asked for. However, since Bella is believed to be a pit bull, she is picked up by Animal Control. This happens because the breed is banned in Denver, the place where the story is set. To protect Bella, Lucas decides to send her away to foster home till he can find accommodation elsewhere. Bella who hates being away from Lucas decides to take matters into her own hands and take a 400-mile journey back home. This is a moving account of adventure and her love for her family.

My Opinion

I am a dog person and I love them to bits and I loved reading this book. It is the perfect read for any pet lover and/or owner. A Dog’s Way Home moved me and might have shed a tear or two while reading it. You might too. Dog’s really do love us with all their heart and this book just reconfirmed that. It is written in a simple way and is easy to follow. The good news is that this book has also been made into a movie that you can watch whenever you are feeling low.

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