Appreciation Post- Let’s Appreciate Our Unsung Warriors, BOOKS!

This World Book Day when I had nothing to do other than curl up with my favorite book I realized we don’t appreciate them much. Books deserve all the love they can get for being there whenever you need them. Looking for romance? Book. Want something exciting? grab a book. Want to learn about something? Go look for a book. Books are the unsung heroes in our life and today I am going to try to give them the spotlight they deserve. Here is a shoutout to all the types of books out there…

  • To my Hardcover books, I love the way you feel when I hold you. You are like a treasure chest with infinite wisdom.

  • To my paperbacks, you never disappoint me. When the hardcover is too expensive you always have my back.

  • To my kindle, I have learned to love you. You prove to be useful when I need you the most. So many books at the touch of my finger!

  • To my audiobooks, you made me realize that when I am with you I am not cheating on other books. You are as real as they get. You give me the freedom to do other things while I am with you and for that, I will forever be grateful.

  • To all the secondhand books that I own, I hope you are happy in your new home. I hope this becomes your forever.

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