Are Aliens Real? Maybe. But We Sure Can Read Books About Aliens.

The alien debate can go on forever. Some people believe they exist while others are not so sure. There are some mysterious happenings around us, which we can’t really explain. So here are a few alien books that all the believers, as well as non-believers, can read:


The War of the Worlds was first published in 1898 and has never been out of print. The novel tells the story about an alien invasion from Mars in south England. Written by the father of science fiction. This book is a must-read.

The Tao Novels by Wesley Chu

Wesley Chu’s three novels The Lives of TaoThe Deaths of Tao, and The Rebirths of Tao, offer up an action-packed blend of alien invasion fiction, political thrillers, and alternative history. Imagine waking up hungover from a night on the town and discover that there is a voice inside your head that does not belong to you. Then imagine that this voice belongs to a member of an alien race that has been trapped on Earth since before the dinosaurs, and you are now part of the millennia-long war between the two factions of this alien race.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

The book is about Earth, in a post-apocalyptic time, being invaded by a parasitic alien race, known as “Souls”, and follows one Soul’s predicament when the consciousness of her human host refuses to give up her body.

Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor

A massive object has crash-landed in the lagoon off the coast of Lagos, capital of Nigeria and one of Africa’s biggest cities. The book follows a group of individuals who call Lagos home as the city and its inhabitants deal with the changes brought on by the new alien presence.

The Alien Years by Roberts Silverberg

Fifteen feet tall, the Entities land in cities across Earth. Ignoring humankind, they wall themselves in impenetrable enclaves, enslaving a few willing collaborators with their telepathic PUSH. Then they plunge humans into a new Dark Age without electricity, allowing us to live–but no longer as a dominant species. Will humans be able to save their planet?

The Hidden Ship by Mark Wayne McGinnis

Brian Polk had been stateside for barely a year after leaving the Air Force when the unthinkable happened. It was an interstellar invasion—the beginning of the end of known civilization. First, military installations and the largest cities across the globe were turned to rubble. Tens of millions of souls lost during a horrific reign of terror. Government centers and law enforcement resources were next. Finally, the aliens eliminated humanity’s means to electronically communicate with each other.  Will the Captain be able to save the world?

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