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Best Bookish Gifts for your Nerdy Friends Available to Buy in India

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Bookworms with Nerdy tastes love to receive books as presents. However if you are bored of buying books or have no idea what kind of book to buy for your bookish friends, there are many more Bookish Gifting options that are available to buy that your Nerdy friends will equally cherish. Although there are many etsy stores available worldwide that caters to such tastes, it could be difficult to find such stores in India.

Following is a list of Bookish Gifts that can be bought in India:

Book Sleeves / Bleeves

Beautiful, cosy covers for your books while you are travelling. It helps to save the precious covers of your books when you carry them in your bags.

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Personal Library Bookish Stamp

A personalized stamp for your collection of books so that you can start your very own personal library.

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Bookish Candles

A scented candle is your best companion while reading your favorite book in your cosy reading nook. Just don’t forget to put it out before going to bed!

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Bookish Accessories

Decorate your reading space with these bookish accessories. Let your inner nerd be reflected on the outside too!

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Bookish Merchandise

Small bookish merchandise that will amp up your reading experience.

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Nerdy T-shirts

Nerdy T-shirts, because it’s easier to find fellow book nerds that way!

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Bookish Mugs

Bookish mugs. So that you are reminded of what is important whenever you have your favorite coffee or cocoa!

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Bookish Posters

Bookish posters with your favorite quotes that help to make your bookshelves and reading space more aesthetically pleasing!

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Bookish Collectables

Miniature bookish collectibles for hardcore nerds and readers!

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Bookish Wearable Gifts

If there are bookish earrings, why do you think I won’t wear it for rest of my life?

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Written by Tanu Dhiman

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