Best Books By Jeffrey Archer That You Should Read

Jeffrey Archer is an English novelist, who was a former politician, and peer of the realm. Before becoming an author, Archer was a member of the Parliament. Later, he revived his fortunes as the best-selling novelist, and his books have sold around 330 million copies worldwide. Archer wrote his first book, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less in 1974. The book was written as a means to avoid bankruptcy. He hasn’t looked back since then. Here are some of the best books by the author:

  • Kane and Abel

Kane and Abel was the book that made Jeffrey successful, it was his second book. It is a story about two men born worlds apart but whose fate intersects in a twist of political events. Both begin with arch rivalry only to realize the truth very late.

  • The Prodigal Daughter

This book succeeded Kane and Abel, continuing the story of Florentyna Kane. She is the daughter of Abel and daughter in law of Kane, she has a modest beginning by opening a chain of boutiques. The book follows her journey to the most powerful position of the country, The U.S President.

  • Only Time Will Tell

This is the first book of The Clifton series. The story follows the life of a seemingly ordinary boy named Harry Clifton. Brought up in a modest household, Harry doesn’t know the reality of his ancestry and what the future holds for him. Set in the time when England is moving forward into World War II, a tumultuous new beginning is about to happen in Harry’s life.

  • The Sins Of The Father

This is the second book of The Clifton Chronicles, Harry Clifton starts living with a different identity after a near brush off with death. This leads him to spend some time in prison where he starts writing. His girlfriend Emma is distraught and determined to find him. After a long ordeal, both of them are finally united. 

  • Best Kept Secret 

This is the third book in the Clifton series. A well-illustrated family tree helps the reader to get a grasp of the entire Clifton Saga, no matter whichever is the reading sequence of books in the series. In this book, Giles Barrington wins the Parliamentary elections and his ex-wife, Lady Virginia is hell-bent to destroy his shipping company. Young Sebastian is growing up and his struggles already are aplenty. The book ends with a deadly accident that leaves the readers wondering. 

  • Be Careful What You Wish For

It is the sequel to the Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey. Emma struggles to save the dwindling shipping company and has to constantly fend off enemies. Sebastian survives the crash and has grown up having a lucrative position at Farthings Bank. The family recovers from one shock only to receive another shock when Emma and Harry’s adopted daughter kills herself.

  • Cometh The Hour

This is the sixth book in The Clifton Chronicles and it presents a dilemma for Giles Barrington when a potentially controversial suicide note is recovered from the dead MP Alex Fischer. While Giles is ready to throw away his life for whom he believes to be the love of his life, Sebastian fights to save his bank and to get his family back.

  • A Prisoner Of Birth

A club fight results in the death of Bernie and his brother in law Danny is falsely implicated with the killing by notorious Spencer and his friends. Spencer, being a barrister with political ties, succeeds in sending Danny to prison to serve 22 years. Danny’s pregnant girlfriend Beth gives birth while Danny befriends Nicholas, a fellow cellmate. The friendship gives Danny a chance to freedom and he is out for revenge from Spencer.

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