Bibliophiles Unnerved By Celeb Striking ‘Laughter’ Poses While Holding Tragic Book

Recently, Daisy Shah became a meme over social media after she posted a picture of herself (supposedly) reading Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns. If you’re wondering why there’s so much fuss around something so normal, it’s because the image has Ms. Shah emoting sheer joy while reading the tragic novel.

Those who’ve read the book were appalled and didn’t think twice before asking Daisy if she had ‘lost it’. A user commented on social media, “Never knew starvation, fear and brutality are laughter inducing.” Another said, “I bet she’s at the part where Marium returns home and finds her mother hanging from a tree. Who didn’t laugh, right?” People also pointed out that this was ‘unpardonable’ since the book offered zero comic relief moments.

After receiving massive backlash online, she wrote, “The laugh was on a joke that was cracked by a friend behind the camera and not for the book. All I want to say is, the pic was posted because it was a candid capture and was focused on the smile and happiness that it emitted since I had only read 4-5 pages then I didn’t know how intense it would get. Will be careful from now on. Sorry.”

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This incident has sparked a debate among the readers on various social media platforms. A recent Twitter thread that discussed how books were being used as part of home decor too, also invited bibliophiles to share their thoughts on the same. A user said, “Only true book lovers will feel offended when a great one is used as a mere accessory.”

What do you feel about this? Should books be used just as a prop regardless of what they are about?

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