Books Are Our Best Friends

It is very hard to live a life without friends. Friends are a very important part of our lives. We share our happiness and our sorrows with them. We play with them, learn from them and grow with them. When it comes to Books, they can be our best friends ever. Good Books enriches our minds with good thoughts and knowledge just like a good friend. A person who has a book with him can never feel alone.

Books teach us a lot of things, they teach us about the world, about the people who live in it. Books help us to become a better human being and also teaches us about serving society in the best possible way. When we are alone, we can always pick up a book and start reading to feel relax. Over the years books have proven to be the best way to pass the time while learning something new. There are a lot of good virtues we can learn from a book, some of them are:


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Being Smart: Have a good capacity to learn.
Brave: Ready to face problems with courage.
Never give up: Nothing is Impossible.
Be compassionate: Show Positive feelings to others
Be Humble: Don’t Insult anyone
Be thankful: Always be thankful for others
Help others: Be a helping hand to everyone.
Be Positive: Be happy in whatever you are doing.
Good Moral Values: Respect people and their opinions.

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