Books By Arundhati Roy That You Must Read At-least Once

Arundhati Roy is one of the most acclaimed writers of today. She is an author, actress, and political activist, best known for the award-winning novel The God of Small Things. Roy has won Booker prize for her work, she is also involved in many human & environment-related causes.

Here are a few books by her that you should definitely read

  • The Cost of Living

This book is based on the government’s disregard for an individual. It talks of the mask that the government puts on its nation in the name of democracy and prosperity. She has written about the society where the lives of many are sacrificed for the comforts of the few.

  • The Algebra Of Infinite Justice

A collection of political essays, this book discusses many issues on which Arundhati Roy has been very vocal. She expresses her views on nuclear disarmament, globalization, and terrorism very blatantly here.

  • War Talk

This book is a collection of essays and addresses, issues of democracy racism, empire, and war and peace. In the book, she mentions about the global rise of religious and racial violence.

  • Capitalism- A Ghost Story

This book discusses the dark side of democracy in contemporary India and shows how the wants of globalized capitalism has dominated billions of people by exploiting them and making them fall prey to racism.

  • An Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire

This is another collection of 14 speeches and essays written between 2002 and 2004. It revolves around diverse topics which though disconnected have been woven together beautifully in this work of hers. This book in particular highlights caste and communalism in India, AIDS in South Africa, USA’s war on terror, the role of NGO’s, growing corporate power and more.

  • 13 December: A Reader, the Strange Case of the Attack on the Indian Parliament

This book brings about 15 consolidated essays, which raises questions on the enquiry system held after the attack on the Indian parliament. She unfolds various facts and raises questions with the help of lawyers, journalists, and writers who closely examined the incident and contributed in this book.

  • In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones: The Original Screenplay

In this book, Arundhati Roy talks about the making of the film (released in 1989), its unusual screenplay and its significance in her current involvement in art and politics. This movie had won her the National Award for best screenplay and starred her and Shah Rukh Khan.

  • The God of Small Things

This book of Arundhati Roy cannot be missed by any book-lover. Not only did it won her the Booker prize, but also gave her the platform to talk on other issues thereafter. This was the debut novel of hers that revolved around the experiences of fraternal twins and their family, and their tryst with missing love.

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