Books On The History Of Food For Every Foodie Out There

We all just love food. We use different ingredients and try different varieties of food every day. Food has various stories and tales attached to it, some of them very captivating. Be it any dish or an ingredient used in it, all have a back story to its origins and how it traveled across the world. Many authors have traced the history of food in their writings. Such writings hardly ever fail to impress the readers, that too when they are foodies!

Check out these books on the history of food that will leave you fascinated!

  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan

The book is an eye-opening exploration of our food choices and demonstrates how it may determine not only our health but our survival as a species. It delves into the conversation about what we eat and the deep consequences that even the simplest everyday food choices have on both ourselves and the natural world.

  • Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky

In the book, the author turns his attention to a common household item with a long and intriguing history: salt. The only rock we eat, salt has shaped civilization from the very beginning, and its story is a glittering, often surprising part of the history of humankind.

  • Vanilla: The Cultural History Of The World’s Favorite Flavor And Fragrance by Patricia Rain

The book looks at the diverse impact of vanilla on the world of medicine, psychology, politics, and food, tracing the history of vanilla through the centuries and offering a variety of intriguing insights, trivia, lore, and recipes.

  • Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors by Lizzie Collingham

The book tells the history of India and its rulers through their food. It follows the story of curry as it spread from the courts of Delhi to the houses of Birmingham. It tells the story of an array of familiar Indian dishes and the people who invented, discovered, cooked, and ate them.

  • Milk: The Surprising Story Of Milk Through The Ages by Anne Mendelson

This book has more than 120 enticing recipes, it is a part culinary history and part inquiry into the evolution of an industry. It takes us on a journey through the lands that traditionally only consumed milk fresh from the cow and shows us how milk reached such prominence in our diet.

  • The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create the World’s Great Drinks by Amy Stewart

The book explores an array of herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, and fungi that humans have, contrived to transform into alcohol over the centuries.

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