Boons & Curses by Yugal Joshi

Boons & Curses by Yugal Joshi is a retelling of mythological tales. The book brings the fascinating stories of women characters of mythology at the center. An e-version of the book is now available for the readers.

You can read more about the book here:

It is said that Kunti fulfilled her desires and ambitions through her sons, the Pandavas, resulting
in the bloodbath in Kurukshetra. And once the truth struck her she sought help from Krishna to
get rid of her guilt. Krishna became Kunti’s moral guardian, a conversation began, from which
emerged fascinating tales of women in mythology.

In this brilliant retelling, Kunti is placed at the center of the novel and running parallel to her
universe are the stories of Aditi and Diti, the primordial mothers, the rebellious Soorpanakha, the
independent Sanjana and Tara, trendsetters such as Anusuya, intrigues of Kaikeyee and Kaikasi,
the helpless Gandhari, the self-sacrificing Devaki’s, and the selfless Yashoda. These are the stories of
resolve, exploits, revenge, sacrifice, and affection—taken together they give us a deeper understanding
of the legendary women in India.

About the Author

Yugal Joshi is a co-author of the internationally acclaimed book Singapore Water Story, which has been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Hindi, and Creating Shared Value, on sustainable development. His other books are Women Warriors in Indian History and Ram: the Soul of Time.

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