Business Books Recommended By Former PepsiCo Chairman Indra Nooyi That You Should Read

With the current situation, it is getting difficult to run a sustainable business day by day. Businessmen all over the world are struggling to adapt to the current situation. During such times, Indra Nooyi, the former Chairman of PepsiCo has recommended two books that will help business owners navigate ‘the ravages of the pandemic’.

In her recent LinkedIn post, she said, ” These books offer insights that are both timely and timeless all at once- I could not recommend them more highly.”

Winning Now, Winning Later by David M Cote

Winning Now, Winning Later

The book talks about balancing the short-term success demanded by investors with sowing the seeds for rewards that will only be harvested years hence but are essential to achieving greatness.

according to Indra, “It is a must-read in today’s environment, and I only wish I has this playbook available to me during my own tenure as a CEO.”

Trade Is Not A Four-Letter Word by Fred Hochberg

Trade Is Not A Four Letter Word

This book helps in busting and debunking the trade myths with the help of six surprising everyday goods.

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Fred’s uncanny ability to simplify the very complex results in a clear-eyed, informative defense of the importance of free trade,” she wrote. “If you’ve ever wondered what makes it possible to enjoy all the products that make daily life possible, this book is for you. And if you haven’t thought about trade, this engaging book will spark in you a fascination you never knew you had.”

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