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This pandemic has hit is very different from any other thing that we have ever experienced. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that there will be a time when the world will actually stand still and our lives would completely change forever. The virus has affected us in many ways and all of us have suffered losses due to it. Numerous people have succumbed to the virus, people have lost their near and dear ones. The economy has taken a turn for the worse, millions worldwide have lost their jobs, businesses have taken a hit. Most people have even exhausted their life savings during the lockdown months. During times like this, all of us are trying to save whatever we have left.

The same is true for local stores, small eatery owners, and artisans. Their business has really hit rock bottom in the past few months with zero to no sale. Now is the time that we can make it up to them. Instead of buying things online via big companies, we have the opportunity to help these people out. Think about the people who own small businesses and even the ones who earn their bread daily by selling their wares on the road. If you buy even a small thing from them, it will help them bring their life back on track. One such heartwarming story came to the forefront when the people of Delhi came together to help an elderly couple who run Baba Ka Dhabha, a small eatery.

The couple was struggling to earn enough to feed themselves and all the food that they were preparing for sale was going to waste because people were hesitating in buying food from them. But this all change with one social media post. People became aware of their problems and came forward to help them. There are many such people all around the world waiting for things to change for the better. And we as a whole can make this journey easier for them. Please do keep this in mind whenever you are thinking to buy anything. Whatever is available online is also available in a store near you.

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