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Essential Reading Apps that Every Reader Should Use!

You can’t get enough of books when you are a book lover. But at times it becomes difficult to keep the track of your reading on daily basis especially if you are a new reader.However if you are already and avid reader and have difficulty managing your reading habit, you need not to worry! We have apps that can solve your problems and can make it easy for you to keep a track for your reading and books.

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10 Apps that help in better Life and Time Management

Because of cellphones equipped with fastest internet then ever before, there are numerous apps that have changed the lifestyle of people. While some apps have made us lazy, wasting our time surfing internet for hours, there are also many apps which can actually help you improve your time management and get your life together.

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Tips for Preparation for Final/Board Exams

Examinations play a significant role, not only in education but also how to perform under pressure. It helps to realize where we stand in studies among our peers and moreover, the marks obtained in exams are the basis for getting selected in particular stream or college. So it becomes important to score well to reach heights.

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Lesser Known Facts about ‘Rabindranath Tagore’

He is one of those personalities who is the embodiment of greatness and has left such a legacy behind that they can never be forgotten. His works in literature was loved throughout the world and and he also won Nobel Prize for the same. While everybody knows about the Nobel laureate’s, here are a few things that are not popularly known about the ‘Gurudev’.