Chirasree Bose: Author Interview

Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism by Chirashree Bose tells the tale of a 23-year-old married girl portrayed in such a way that it will leave you in splits. So we at thenotoriousreader decided to find out more about the thought behind the book and about the author herself.

Chirasree is a passionate writer with a fanatic zeal to make a difference through her words. Her first book ‘Done With Her…’ released in Feburay 2019 and has grabbed remarkable positions in the top books list on Amazon a number of times. She’d started her career back in 2012 as a software engineer and in due course, realized her passion for writing. She worked as an editor and writer with various writing platforms and continues to expand the horizon of her skills with diverse forms of writing.

Can you tell us what inspired you to be a writer?

I felt like I had no purpose in life. It was not that I went out searching for a passion of sorts, however, writing happened right at that point and kind of filled the void in my life. I think I lacked passion in life and that very fact inspired me to make a grab for writing.

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 Please tell us more about your book.

My latest book, Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism is a humorous book based on a social phenomenon called familism. Broadly speaking, the book focuses on topics related to a family, its members, the everyday problems they face, and how they slowly go on to impact their life decisions. The protagonist Arpita is a simple, married woman who is trapped in a web of familial issues and slowly comes to a conclusion about obnoxious familism. This story has a bit of everything – love, marriage, friendship, family, mystery, and above all, familism.

Can you please shed some more light on the main characters of the

The main characters are Arpita, her husband, and mother-in-law. Well, Arpita is a submissive daughter-in-law, having flocks of questions in her head. But she asks little. Her mother-in-law doesn’t like her at all for reasons unknown to her. And the husband barely makes an effort to communicate. Everything in this house kind of mystifies her, however, she cannot put her finger on it. Now, you have to read the book to know the rest.

Why did you choose to write about this particular topic?

Familism is a slumbering issue inside of our families, I’d say. A silent killer, to be precise. Growing up, I have witnessed it around me. I am sure every person out there must have experienced some of it as well. It’s time that we stopped hushing it up and began voicing our thoughts. That’s the reason I wrote on this subject.

Will you try your hand at any other genre?

I have written a thriller as well. My debut book was a romance thriller. At this point, I would like to stick to these two genres.

When should we expect your next book? What will it be about?

Perhaps early next year. It’d be mostly a thriller.

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What would you have been if not a writer?


Who is your favorite author?

Agatha Christie.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I paint.

Is there any message you would like to give to your readers?

Not a message. But big thanks for loving my books.

You can read more about her book by clicking here.

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