1. Author:  Anātman
  2. Release: July 10th, 2018
  3. Pages: 113
  4. Genre: Fiction, Self help
  5. Publisher:  Rumour Books India
  6. Language: English
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‘Conversations with Vegan’ is not just about being Vegan or about a person who survives on a plant-based diet but it’s about a spiritual journey which one goes through while practicing Veganism.

The lives of four friends were changed forever after a reunion and a fortuitous encounter with an old man. They talked about Veganism, spirituality and psychology. The old man imparted his lifelong wisdom. He shared his experiences, his journey and facts about the meat and dairy industries. He urges them to take ownership of their actions and live in accordance with who they truly are and what they want to be. 
Be aware and make a choice. Sometimes, ignorance isn’t bliss.


‘Conversations with Vegan’ is a fictional self help book that is focuses on the topic of Veganism. The story starts when author have a reunion with his old friends in a restaurant and during this meeting, they meet a wise old man who tells them about vegan lifestyle. Author and his friends have a lot of questions and the old man patiently answers them all. During this conversation, the old man addresses the most common misconceptions about vegan lifestyle and how it helps to be healthy not only on physical level, but also enlightens us mentally and spiritually.

This conversation have a lasting impact on the author and his friend Sia and this unknown wise man helped them make one of the most important changes in their life by clearing any myths and guiding them to the path of practicing veganism and leading a healthier, happier life.


The protagonist of the story is Samarth and he is also the narrator of the story. He works for a multinational company and faces all the daily life dilemmas as any other young adult these days. He has extremely impressionable mind and is open to new ideas and concepts. He is very reflective and inquisitive and ponders over ideas before accepting or rejecting them at the face value. I feel like his character is extremely relatable for today’s youth and I loved his enthusiasm to know more about veganism. The way the book is written, I have a strong inkling that the protagonist greatly resembles the author himself since I felt the same passion in the character while reading that I felt while conversing with the author.


Language used in the book is very easy and beginner friendly. Most of the book is the conversation with the old man in the restaurant and articles he wrote about his thoughts and views on the harsh and cruel animal industry that exists solely for the human satisfaction. The phrases and vocabulary used is good and very smooth to read. The expressions are thoughtfully used in order to respect everyone’s sentiments but still convey the powerful message of being more aware on what is on your plate.


The story is narrated from the point of view of Samarth and the narration gives an impression if being a non-fiction story told as a fictional book. The author have included small elements of suspense about the identity of the old man towards the end of the story to capture and hold the interest of the reader. The narration is in the form of stream of consciousness and the author expresses his thoughts and emotions in the form of inner monologue.


There is no intense or complex plot-line in this book. The story is majorly based on the conversation in the restaurant. A lot of it is also articles about veganism and questions that common folks have about practicing veganism. Due to this, the book gives a very strong feeling of being non-fiction. 

Final Thoughts

This book is a powerful and rare piece of knowledge that the author had courage to bring into a society where no household can imagine raising their kids without milk. I haven’t seen a lot of discussion about veganism in India while this practice is fairly common in west. While many people of our country is super conscious about not eating non-vegetarian food, not many people are aware of the harsh and cruel treatment that goes into extracting milk and animal produce from the dairy animals. Normalizing this behavior is probably reason why there is not enough discussion about this topic. I loved the way author had a very positive attitude towards writing this book and wanted to educate and encourage people to think more about what kind of food they are putting in their body. There was no bashing or shaming people who consume non-vegetarian food and allowed them room to think and question.

While there is still so much that I want to read and educate myself about practicing veganism like possible alternatives available for day to day consumption and how much would it impact me financially, I am definitely open to idea of practicing this lifestyle one day. If you have ever wondered about vegan lifestyle or just want to know what is all this fuss about, I highly recommend you to pick this short read up with an open mind. This book have the potential to change a lot of lives.

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