Corridors of Life: Book Review



  1. Author: Ajay Kumar
  2. Book Release date: 10th May 2018
  3. Pages: 160
  4. Genre: Self Help
  5. Publisher: Invincible Publishers
  6. Goodreads: Review


Life is full of hurdles, so we need to retain the artistry of overcoming the issues of life. No one is here to entertain you, everyone is working for themselves and the power of choice arbitrates every possible situation. This motivational manual will take you on a journey which will describe the basic hiccups of life and the effortless way to tackle it. Remember one thing always that:
“You are only the reason for the future version of yourself
It’s your choice which can upgrade or degrade you.”


Corridor of Life is a self help book written by motivational speaker and life coach Ajay Kumar. He also runs a blogging website which discusses the existing problems of the society and works towards empowerment of the youth across the nation. In his debut book, Corridors of life, Ajay attempts to discuss and share insight on the topics such as motivation, anger, taking responsibility of your actions and many other aspects of human day to day life in span of 30 chapters.
Author attempts to engage with his audience by citing examples and his life experiences which helps to create a lasting impression. Having said that, there were a lot of examples and thoughts which did not resonate with me. Many times a lot of stories won’t even corroborate with the chapter or the topic that was being discussed. Another major issue I had with this book was the poor language and articulation skills.
Now you have to understand that I am a teacher and as a teacher, it was extremely frustrating for me to go through this book without wanting to mark spelling mistakes and correct framing of sentences. I can understand the effort of the author to communicate with the people and give his perspective but the execution was so poor in terms of expression and language that it loses all the impact that was initially intended to be created.
Since I am not a fan of self help books in general, very few books of this genre tend to impress me. This one was not only a let down in this genre for me but the book itself need a good editing and thorough proofreading in order to make sure it is able to communicate the message that it intends to convey.


If you are someone who doesn’t care about the language, articulation or grammatical accuracy, this book might work for you. It might help you give some really good life lessons of the values of hard work, self control, motivation, taking responsibility for your actions and finally happiness.


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