Crime and Thriller Books Become a Source Of Comfort During Lockdown

A survey has revealed that people in the UK have almost doubled the amount of time they spend reading books since lockdown began. Instead of dystopian fiction readers are turning to the “comfort” of crime and thrillers.

Nielsen Book’s research found that 41% of people said they were reading more books since lockdown was imposed on 23 March. According to the nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults, surveyed from 29 April to 1 May, the nation has also increased the amount of time it spends reading books from around 3.5 hours per week, to six. Just 10% of adults said they were reading less.

Nielsen said, “Readers also revealed their tastes have changed since the outbreak of Covid-19, with their interest in crime and thrillers, and other popular fiction, increasing. There was “currently little appetite” for dystopian fiction”

Author Peter May said, “I think that crime fiction represents a comforting return to the values we sometimes feel we have lost – where the forces of good win out (almost invariably) over the forces of evil. And that is particularly relevant at a time when our world and everything familiar to us seems to have been turned upside down.”

So don’t be alarmed if you choose crime and thriller books over light, escapist reading, or heartwarming tales. You are not alone!

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