India’s first start-up of superheroes with a mission of saving lives is here to kick ass. Rasiq is riding the highs of life thanks to his successes as an investment banker. But his arrogance soon gets the better of him and he ends up losing everything he holds dear.


  1. Author: Kartik Sharma, Ravi Nirmal Sharma
  2. Release: August 15th, 2018
  3. Pages: 288
  4. Genre: Fiction, Adventure
  5. Publisher: Rupa Publications
  6. Language: English
  7. Audience:  beginner reader, light read for seasonal reader
  8. Good Reads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40884386-daredreamers
  9. Buy Here:  https://amzn.to/2ODc1N3


India’s first start-up of superheroes with a mission of saving lives is here to kick ass. 

Rasiq is riding the highs of life thanks to his successes as an investment banker. But his arrogance soon gets the better of him and he ends up losing everything he holds dear. Managing to salvage only his grit from the wreckage, Rasiq reboots his life and teams up with five uniquely talented superheroes to start a rescue venture 
– DareDreamers. 

These superheroes Nick: a crazy inventor; Halka: an inhumanly strong man; Arjun: a champion shooter; Natasha: a Bollywood stunt-double; Dr. Vyom, a medical Sherlock Holmes; and, of course, Rasiq: the mastermind combine their unique talents to deliver spectacular rescue operations. Their skyrocketing success, however, comes at a price an enemy hell bent on tearing down their fame and reputation.

Will DareDreamers defeat its wily adversary? Or will it become yet another failed start-up?

Treachery, action and adventure come alive to make DareDreamers a page-turner.


Dare Dreamers is an action packed adventure story of Rasiq who struggles his way through the grilling employment in Investment Banking to a unique and successful startup. The book starts with introduction to Rasiq who recently got a job in a well known Investment Banking company in Mumbai. With experience of IIT and IIM, he is super excited to explore the challenges that the world have in store for him. Sadly, the harsh reality of the corporate world comes knocking on his door and Rasiq is left demotivated, sleep deprived and a prisoner of money. So our protagonist decides to leave behind the shackles of the rupee and pursue his dream which is larger then life.

Along with the team of other misfits who had a bad stint in their career but were exceptionally talented, Rasiq decides to form a team of SOS rescue who would work to save victims of unfortunate accidents. The book takes us into the journey of pitching the ideas and looking for clients, struggle to keep the company afloat, and also at times the internal disputes between the partners. How will their small yet impact full venture survive against multi billion and successful companies? Would they be able to fight the odds with their reputation at stake? Or end up selling the dream they worked so hard for?



While there are several supporting characters throughout the book that play very important part in development of the story, the protagonist would be Rasiq. He is hardworking, determined and very intelligent young man and exhibits exceptional talents of decision making and entrepreneurship throughout the book. He is fearless and faces his issues head on. He know what he wants and is not scared to fight for it. The other characters that help in shaping the decisions of Rasiq would be his father and his partners at Dare Dreamers. Whenever Rasiq had second thoughts or doubts, his father was a constant pillar of support and his dad jokes would make the world a better place to live. I absolutely loved the sweet relationship between son and father and thoroughly enjoy their insightful conversations.


The language used is easy and beginner friendly. While there is enough descriptions to paint a picture in the imagination, it is not overly descriptive in order to make it boring or stretched out. While a beginner reader would have no difficulty in smooth but easy language, it is well-phrased enough to become a light reading for a seasoned reader.


Most of the book is narrated through Rasiq’s point of view but some parts are narrated by Narad and Rakeysh. This helps to create suspense in the story and capture the interest of the readers. The style of narration is in the form of stream of consciousness and the narrator expresses his thoughts and emotions in inner monologue.


The plot of the book was surprisingly fast paced and unique. This is the book that is fictional in nature but talks about real struggles and pressures of the corporate world. Since both the authors themselves are entrepreneurs, I could see their own life experiences translated into their book. The story also packs in lot of action and I was surprised how smoothly and effortlessly story went from struggles of working in Investment Banking to issues of a newly established startup which is struggling to stay afloat. The story doesn’t get boring and will keep you hooked throughout.

Final Thoughts

This book takes you on an adventure of the struggles of having a successful and fulfilling career which many of us relate to these days. In today’s world where everyone is so focused and independent, having a successful career have never been more important. Many are struck in a choice between working for a fulfilling career or earning a living by working a job that pays well but makes you feel miserable. Hence the relatability factor of this story is very high with young generation today. It was a light and interesting read for me and the son-father duo have done a great job in coming up with a story which is entertaining and motivating at the same time. Since it is written by two people, I was worried that the difference in the style of writing might be evident while reading but surprisingly, it was pretty smooth and undetectable. No matter what kind of reader you are, seasonal or beginner, I would highly suggest you to pick this book up and give it a shot. This refreshing read will not disappoint you.

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