Daughters Are Not A ‘Burden’

We live in a society where female feticide is still a very common practice. A girl child is still not allowed to have the same rights as a boy child and in some cases is not allowed to complete her education. It is a very common misconception in India that a girl child is a ‘burden’ on the family.

This misconception has been present in the Indian mentality for a very long time. Just because a daughter gets married and leaves for another house does not make her a burden. The fact that you would have to pay for her wedding and most probably give dowry does not make her a burden. It is your mentality and your willingness to sacrifice her future for the sake of ‘log kya kahenge’ that keeps this saying alive even today. Daughters are equally, if not more capable of running a household and bringing honor to the family name. There are numerous incidents of girls making a name for themselves and supporting their families through thick and thin. If given the proper opportunities and education a girl can literally reach for the stars. Take Kalpana Chawla for example.

Girls are no more a burden on you than your head is a burden for the rest of your body. It is in the hands of parents to stop the spread of this misconception. The world changes one tiny step at a time. So, if you are reading this and are a father or mother of a baby girl, give her a good educational and equal opportunities. She will surely change your mindset.

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