Death Donor by Matt Ward

Death Donor by Matt Ward is a work of Science fiction. The book will be hitting the shelves on 8th June 2020. It is all set to be published by Myrmani Press.

Would you sell your life to save another? Special forces vet, Samantha Jones, is a lowly bodyguard for Ethan Anderson, the biotech billionaire who revolutionized life extension. But at least she’s got a job, unlike most, and won’t have to sell her organs to support her family. Sure, they’re poor, but she’s got death insurance and a roof over her head. Life is livable…

But then Sam’s daughter is kidnapped and sold for parts. Overnight, her life (and belief in the system) shatters. When the rich bastards get off scot-free, Sam’s weak husband commits suicide and the ex-assassin snaps. Someone is going to pay.

The question: how to kill the heartless elites that use the poor like livestock and whose security rivals the president. And then there’s the senator fighting to abolish life extension, the trillion-dollar corporate standoff, and bloody protests in the streets as conditions deteriorate. Things are about to get ugly.

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About the author

Matt Ward is an entrepreneur, blogger, startup advisor and futurist (ranked #24 worldwide). He runs Disruptors.FM, a podcast on exponential tech and where we’re headed. He wrote this book because he sees humanity diverging in the coming years as genetic engineering and self-enhancement change our very essence and hope to safeguard against the big challenges he sees facing all of us.

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