Discovering More About Osho: Guest Post

discovering Osho

The emergence of God Men is not a new concept in our country. There have been many so-called God Men who have emerged in the last few decades. They seem to be accepted well by our society. Many of them have captivated people with their philosophies, their erratic rituals, and their supposedly mythical powers. Among such God Men, Osho was a well-known figure who was engulfed in controversies since the very beginning. He was known to criticize the orthodoxy of mainstream religions which he believed suppressed the people and their emotions.

He was one of the well-known philosophers of the 19th century. Osho was also called a sex guru because of his open attitude towards human sexuality. After reading a little about him, I realized that he was a great philosopher of his time. He had a knack of simplifying tough lessons of philosophy to common people in beautiful ways. He also had a great sense of humor. In his teachings, he tried to cut down chains of centuries-old traditions and believes regarding mainstream religions and mythology. He taught people that it is enough to be human, a thing that is often overlooked when we talk about what our religion teaches us. According to his philosophy, we should not try to be superman. Instead, be an ordinary man and understand the needs of the body and mind and fulfill them in the right way.

At a time when sex was a taboo in society, he talked on this topic openly and guided people that it is a simple need of the body. If we can talk about anger, lust, arrogance, then why can we not talk about sex? When we usually hear about Osho, all the controversies come to the forefront. I have recently read more about his work and philosophies and I feel that like a lot of other people, I was too quick to judge him. You really shouldn’t judge a book before reading it.

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