Do you believe in God? :Blog Diaries 3

Hey people! Its been super long since I wrote a blog diaries. So today I thought I’ll write some and I would like to start by discussing about a book that I have recently read and literally blew my mind.

Reading has always been fascinating for me and I have always found the world of the book alluring. It takes us away from the reality of our life and we find ourselves transported to the life, experiences and struggles of someone entirely different. It is more then just a source of entertainment and relaxation, but a strong tool of education, which sadly lot of people miss on. But this discussion is for some other day and I intend to write a detailed blog for the same.

I finished reading eBook copy of ‘Faith’s Eternal Sunshine’ a few days ago. This is one of the rare few books that made me into a pool of thoughts, emotions and confusion. Faith’s Eternal Sunshine by Ashish Gupta is a book that talks about the never ending discussion of faith and if God exists. There are many books that discuss this and many more that make very convincing arguments as to why or why not such an omnipresent, omnipotent entity exist.

This book talks about how important it is to have faith since the concept of God and his existence is a phenomenon which is too great for our minuscule brain to understand. I believe it is a beautiful way to put it and also end the doubts about the existence of God and cultivating faith in him.

The story revolves around Manu and Manjiri who are friends since really long time. Manu took an exile from the materialistic world where he was working in a successful corporate to live on a secluded island.
Manjiri visits Manu after many years and wants to refresh and relive the memories with her old friend but she is in for a shock. Manu captures her in a cell in his small hut and refuses to let her go. She is trapped with no means to escape.

All alone with nothing but her mind, she relives the best and the worst parts of her life. This takes her on a spiritual journey where she fights her inner demons and establishes her faith.

This is the kind of book that makes you ponder and evaluate your own belief system. I had my own questions and reservations for many topics which made me think a lot more then I expected to. I feel that my faith system is very secure but even I had to pause and evaluate. That in itself is a huge compliment for the book because any content that makes you pause, think and re-evaluate the way you live your life is life changing.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this book to anyone open to reading about God and system of faith. It will change your life.

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