essential apps for reading the notorious reader

You can’t get enough of books when you are a book lover. But at times it becomes difficult to keep the track of your reading on daily basis especially if you are a new reader. If you are still considering to start developing habit of reading, check out

However if you are already and avid reader and have difficulty managing your reading habit, you need not to worry! We have apps that can solve your problems and can make it easy for you to keep a track for your reading and books.

Here are the 8 apps that will help you to keep the track of your reading, reviewing them online and many more.

Good Reads

Goodreads Reading App

Good reads is one of the best social networking book app that tracks the reading for the books you want to read or are already reading. It allows you to see what your friends are currently reading and is very functional as it also allows you to discover new books, join communities, follow writers and read reviews of fellow readers. You can set yourself a reading challenge for the year if you are competitive and like challenging yourself. It is a great app for all readers and you can find almost all books on it with reviews from people all over the world.


kindle Reading App

If buying a Kindle device is out of your budget, you can download the Kindle app into your phone or tablet. Kindle app is essential for every reader. Whether you’re a book reader, newspaper or a magazine reader- all you need is Kindle app installed in your phone. You can read plenty of books online and that too free! You can also shop for the books of your choice that you always wanted to buy. It has the built- in dictionary feature that allows you to look up for the word you don’t know while reading.


audible Reading App

Audio books are a great option for people who do not have time for reading in their busy lives. Audible is an amazing app where you can stream or download the audio books that you want to listen. With Audible, you can listen to your books while travelling, running, going to bed or just sitting around. It is an app giving you wide range of options for popular fiction or non-fiction books. You can start with 30 days free of trial membership.


lithium Reading App

Lithium is another app that reads files in epub format. It helps to track your reading with automatic book detection feature and with other functions to switch between pages and scrolling. It also allows you to highlight the quotes or phrases you like and helps you take notes as well. The user interface is very smooth and friendly. It is 100% ad free app that gives custom reading colors and themes as well to make it a standalone app.


litsy Reading App

It is a user friendly social media reading and literature app available for both android and iOS having Instagram- like design where you can tag the book and also share the quote that you like. You can also archive your favorite quotes in an interactive way by sharing the photos of the books which makes it more interesting app.


lieo Reading App

Leio is the best app to track your reading for iPhones. It allows you to pen down what you want to or like to note down. You can keep the track of multiple books that you are reading and also can update the progress as you go along and can see how long it will take to finish a book. You can also use the ‘Goal’ feature of the app to plan your reading and also improve it.


downpour Reading App

It is an awesome app that allows you to experience new levels of audio listening to the books you want to listen. In this app you can also set sleep timers and can listen to the books when you don’t want to read them. It also allows you to bookmark certain spots and you want to again to go at some point. It is a great app with many more reading and tracking functions which makes it an ideal app for book readers.