Expecting your Wife to do all the household work is wrong and not acceptable

Women have always been and still are responsible for the majority of the housework. Traditionally, men are expected to financially provide for their family, while women are responsible for the household chores and raising of the children. Sounds so old fashioned no? But this is still the reality in most of the households in India.

Even though times have changed and more and more women are joining the workforce, the responsibility of the household still remains on them alone. A woman who is working is expected to finish the household chores or ‘duty’ as we Indians like to call it and then go to work. But, this doesn’t end here. They still have to come back from work and provide their family with a warm home-cooked meal at the end of the day. The male member of the family on the other hand is not expected to do anything in the household. Because apparently to us Indians, cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes is not a life skill that everyone should know.

If a male member of the family does help with some household chores then he is hailed as a hero and an exception. I don’t understand why this is the case. When a woman manages everything from her job to the household, then it is her duty. But, when a man takes a glass of water from the kitchen by himself, he is suddenly put on a pedestal.

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I am not saying that things haven’t changed. More men are changing these age-old practices and helping out around the house. But, in our society, such people are still very rare. We really need to change our thinking process and our mentality. Household chores are not the responsibility of women alone. All the members of the house need to do their part.

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