Faith And The Beloved: Book Review

Faith And The Beloved by kochery C. Shibu is a saga of love, lust, betrayal, intrigue, and revenge. There are 3 main characters in the book. Naithy Cherokil a rich and successful businesswoman from Mumbai who marries Tony D’Souza after her husband’s death. Alice, the daughter of Naithy and her first husband and Prem Rollands, a Kalari exponent and brilliant student whose world revolves around his brother Arun.

The book starts with a murder, this might probably make you think that this book will be interesting. But, you can’t be more wrong. The book is very slow-paced. You will have to force yourself to keep reading until you reach the end. There are too many characters and too many details. After reading the first couple of chapters you will begin to question yourself. The in-depth details mentioned in the book will bore you to death. Some people might find theses details interesting, but honestly, they in no way contributed to the plot. While reading the book I also came across certain grammatical and spelling errors. These are personally a big turn off for me.

Now comes the most important point that I want to discuss with you. The reason I wanted to write this review. The book has a lot of sexual violence against women. In almost every chapter of the book, a woman is raped or molested and the author goes about it like its not a big deal. In fact, if you believe the characters, women enjoy being raped and it is their ‘fantasy’. Let me tell you, no one and I repeat no one wants to get raped.

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My Opinion

The female characters in the book have been treated very poorly. I feel that the book in a way supports and promoted rape culture. There are a lot of young people who read books and are influenced by them. I don’t think they need to be exposed to such ideas. I have nothing against the book or the author but I would personally not recommend this book to anyone.

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