Fate Of Eight by Dhiraj Singh

Fate Of Eight by Dhiraj Singh is a thriller about eight people whose lives are entwined through the three key milestones of one’s life: Birth, Marriage, Death. The book hit the shelves on 18th June 2020 and has been published by Bloomsbury.

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Diya, Mira, Pratima, and Radhika are four strong women, each embodying a trait designed by God herself. Their destinies are linked to the unique personalities of four other men-Venkat, Guru, Jagdambe, and Rahim. Birth, marriage, and death are the common destiny points for this chosen group of eight, the only condition God sets out for their souls. What happens in between is a saga of choice and fate. They all cross each other’s path in the course of their lives as lovers, spouses, siblings, friends, sworn enemies. Some relationships last for life and some break off in between. And not all survive the trials of destiny.

Who amongst the eight will be linked together in the final destination of death? Who will have the true love that lasts forever? Where does God’s plan finally lead to? An absolute page-turner, Fate of Eight is a gripping story of human relationships and fate, of success and failure, culminating into a murder and a thrilling search for the killer!

About the Author

Dhiraj Singh is a prolific writer, and he works as a CEO in a large Indian organization. He has a B.Tech from IIT Mumbai and a couple of degrees from the USA. His books have a unique mix of drama, thrill, and suspense and are stories of common people and their trysts with fate, karma, relationships, sins, and emotions!
Dhiraj has a loyal following of readers who love his simple and interesting writing style. Apart from writing, Dhiraj has a deep passion for movies, trekking, fitness, and the paranormal!

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