How to ensure we are making original content?

So since last few weeks, Bookstagram India have been buzzing with drama about a certain Book reviewer with significant following being accused of coping reviews from various sources. If you are a part of Bookstagram India, you might be aware of it already and if you are not, I would spare you the nasty details. This blog is not about bashing or giving my opinion on what is right or wrong but rather I wanted to take up this crucial time to discuss how we as content creators can ensure that we are creating content which is unbiased and original.

I, as a blogger and book reviewer, was suddenly insecure about my content when this scandal unfolded. I thought what if some of my content sounds similar to someone else’s. Would I be accused of copying content as well? So I decided to be extra cautious and take some steps to ensure that content that I produce is free of any preconceived notions and bias.

Here are some of the things I keep in mind when I write blogs and reviews.

  • Use Google Plagiarism Checker: This is a very important tool that can help to know the authenticity of your writings. It is extremely easy to use and free of cost. All you have to do is copy your text content and paste it into the Text Box. Plagiarism checker checks the web for any similarity of your content and calculates the percentage of uniqueness. This tool not only helps to calculate the authenticity and originality of the content but also gives you a sense of accomplishment. It is extremely rewarding as a writer to see the “100% Unique” results of your writings. Some of the websites that I use are , and .
  • Avoid Over Researching: Now this one might sound a little strange to you but hear me out. We all like to google search to know opinions and reviews of the book we are reading (or topic about which we are trying to write). It helps us to know what people think of it and sometime we also read other blogs to learn about formats and style of writing. It helps us to improve our blog and see what is working and what is not. All of this is extremely essential part of learning process for any content creation. BUT, I highly suggest you not to read the reviews of the book that you are reviewing. It will help you to discover your authentic opinions of the book and it will automatically be free of any biases. You can definitely read about author and his other works, but I highly suggest not to read what your favourite book reviewer is saying since it is highly likely that their adjectives and point of views will creep into your content subconsciously.
  • Don’t be scared of creative blocks: Creative block happens when your mind decides to go on a holiday and you absolutely can not create any content. It happens to all creators be it authors, musicians, filmmakers, singers, painters or bloggers like us. There are days when the words doesn’t make sense and you can not string a cohesive sentence no matter how hard you try. The key here is not to run away or get scared. Instead give your mind some stimuli in form of movies, music, your favourite TV shows or even youtube videos. This helps to trigger the creative mind and allow the creative juices to flow. Wait it out and let your mind reset. You will come back with better ideas and content for sure.
  • Be Honest, Give Credits: This is where I believe ethics come into play. If you happen to like someone’s content and you want that to be reflected in your blog as well, there is no harm in using that content until and unless you provide due credit to the original author. If I want to quote what one of my fellow blogger have to say about the book, I can use it in my blog along with a link directing to their blog. Giving credit where it is due will not only create respect for you in the community but also help to grow your content in many unexpected ways.
  • Trust Yourself 🙂 : Each of us is extremely talented and have unlimited potential. Even if you are going through some creative block and haven’t written anything in last five months, that doesn’t mean you have lost that talent. Believe in yourself and pick up that pen and maybe uninstall pubg 😀 . Try everyday even if you aren’t happy with the outcome. Be honest and put in hard work. The key is to start.

So that is it! If there are any other ways by which we can ensure that we create original content free from bias please comment below and I shall incorporate it into this post (after giving due credit :P).

For now, Adios Amigos. <3

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