1. Author:  Ashish Jaiswal
  2. Release: 15th October 2018
  3. Pages: 256
  4. Genre: Non Fiction
  5. Publisher: Wisdom Tree
  6. Language: English
  7. Good Reads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41815475-fluid.
  8. Buy Here:  https://amzn.to/2ANeNGQ


Whether we are in a classroom or in the outside world, we are always forced to choose who we are. Always expected to walk towards a fixed goal. Never be uncertain, never fail or never alter our course. We are either artists or scientists or businessmen. We are being constantly reminded to embrace these identities with greater force. As they say, the more we remain folded in our fields, the better specialists we are.

Fluid shatters this myth by arguing that great minds who have changed the fate of humankind are actually the ones who failed, faltered or remained uncertain, yet never bothered to stay pasted to a rigid line.

They were more. They were fluid.

In captivating storytelling narrative, Ashish Jaiswal takes us through groundbreaking research unravelling what binds the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, CV Raman, Steve Jobs, Charles Darwin and other geniuses and why being fluid like them could be our biggest winning strategy in the age of artificial intelligence.
Read to learn the approach required for world-class innovations, groundbreaking solutions and game-changing ideas.


Fluid is a non-fiction book penned by Dr. Ashish Jaiswal. The concept of the book revolves around the fact that most of the people are convinced to fit themselves in a box which limits them in terms of skills acquired and knowledge gained. In order to bring out more ‘specialists’ around the country, students are alienated from other subjects that are not considered to be ‘core’ of the curriculum. Because of this, the students are left out of the immense amount of interconnected knowledge from other fields which would have helped them excel in their profession.

The author cites several examples of geniuses across the globe including Charles Darwin to CV Raman where he tries to bust this myth. There is also a lot of commentary on how youth of the country is suffering due to the rat race of preparing for entrance exams of collages. They end up living a double life travelling on two paths, one visible which is journey that they are not interested in (Go to school – attend classes – clear exams) and another dark, dingy hidden path, which leads them to become specialists (attend coaching – prepare for collage entrance – once cleared, start preparing for next entrance). Sadly, many students are caught in this double life, tired and still walking, trying to become specialists one day. 

The author talks about the lives of Charles Darwin, CV Raman, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci and how having knowledge and expertise in different fields helped them make ground breaking advancements and development. In author’s own words “Great minds who have changed the fate of humankind are actually ones who failed, faltered and remained uncertain, yet never bothered to stay pasted to a rigid line. They were more. They were Fluid.”


The language used in the book is very easy and beginner friendly. The author have used parts of fictional stories in narrative in order to capture the interest of the reader. It also helped to remove the monotonous tone which some non-fictional books tend to have. While a beginner reader would have no difficulty in smooth and easy language, it is well phrased and sophisticated enough to become a good read for seasonal reader.

Final Thoughts

Given the present scenario of herd mentality of India’s education system which produces educated but not skilled individuals, Fluid is a much needed book to being change in thinking of common folks. Being a victim of this education system myself, I was relating to this book a lot. We have always heard that great minds are shaped by experiencing failures and taking new paths, hence I was so inspired by reading the life stories of Charles Darwin and Leonardo Da Vinci.  

Because of this, I feel this book  will provide a great motivational content for young and impressionable minds.This book brings to the light much needed discussions in today’s time and I would highly recommend it for all.

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