Has Our Thinking Really Changed When It Comes To Arranged Marriages?

There is a show titled Indian Matchmaking that is currently trending on Netflix. It is kind of like an Indian dating show where all the family members are involved. The people participating are looking to get married instead of just dating each other. People really seem to be enjoying this show, my social media is full of memes from it.

I too sat down to watch it to find out what the ruckus was all about. The show was quite entertaining, I have to give it that much credit. But, it also portrayed exactly what is wrong with the arranged marriage system in India. I am not against arranged marriage or the Indian culture but the way the girls are treated really upset me. Sima from Mumbai was the matchmaker in the show who would personally go meet the ‘candidate’ (for a lack of better term) and find out what features/characteristics they wanted in their potential spouse. The number of times the words fair, slim, and trim were used during the show is outrageous. Any girl who has independent and not willing to bring her standards down was labeled arrogant or stubborn. ‘Compromise’ seems to be the only way a girl could get a life partner.

As for the boys, it was a different ball game altogether.  One mother of a boy in the show even went up to say that she wanted a ‘flexible’ bride for her son. Was she looking for a gymnast? I guess we will never know. I do not mean to focus only on one show but the whole system by which we choose a potential partner. It is wrong and has to change. Till when will the women of our country be forced to raise a 30-year-old baby?

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