Have We Taken The Nepotism Debate Too Far?

nepotism debate

The nepotism debate does not seem to be ending in India, especially Bollywood. Every other day new claims are being made and the name of a celebrity is being dragged into it. Everyone seems to have an opinion about the topic and some people have even taken to social media protest against the injustice. What I don’t understand is why are we still stuck on the nepotism debate when there is so much going on around us. People are losing their jobs, the GDP is at an all-time low, the government has no data regarding the important things that really matter. But are we asking questions about it? Of course Not!

It is not like nepotism does not exist in other industries. I am sure we won’t make all this fuss when the son of a businessman inherits his father’s business and all the luxuries that come with it. You don’t see people protesting out schools and universities that especially reserve some seats for the children of their Alumni. If Nepotism is acceptable in these forms then why not in Bollywood? Are these so-called star kids not illegible to certain benefits because their parents made a name for themself? It is not like they are all bad at acting. Some of them are truly deserving of all the praises that they get. Many ‘outsiders’ have been able to create a good name for themselves and are working on various successful projects. What really goes on inside the industry is really hard to find out as no two experiences are the same.

I am not saying that the existing system is perfect and does not need to change. Every system needs to change with time. All I am saying is that change is needed in many other more important areas of our lives. It would be better to focus on them rather than continuously talk about things that are so subjective in nature. Having a decent well-informed conversation or discussion about something is different, but, dragging a topic on till the point it becomes mundane is a different ball game altogether. We really need to stop using topics for personal gains and trying to bring people down.

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