How COVID-19 Has Impacted My Life

The definition of ‘normal’ has completely changed in the last few months. The Coronavirus or COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. The strain of Coronavirus was first found in the Wuhan district of China and from there it spread all over the world. As of today, there are 11 Million confirmed cases around the globe. These numbers are continuously changing.

Coronavirus has effected all of our lives. There was a time when everything had come to a standstill. Schools and colleges shut down. Offices were closed. No one was allowed to go out of their houses unless it was really necessary. Now the complete lockdown has been lifted but life hasn’t gone back to normal. People are still dying because of the virus. Masks, gloves, and sanitizers have become a must for everyone. While some adults have started going back to work and most shops have opened, children are still stuck inside the house. It is not safe for people to go out. It looks like we will have to get used to living life like this until a vaccine or some sort of medicine is made available.

With nowhere go life has become a little difficult. We are all missing our friends and family. This difficult time has really made me realize that the little things in life should not be taken for granted. It has also highlighted the unpredictable nature of human life, just how a small thing can alter our life course completely. But it is important that we take precautions and stay safe.

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