How to become a Reader: Tips for beginners

how to read more books

Reading has become one of the most underrated forms of entertainment of our generation. While there use to be a time when reading was a symbol of luxury and sophistication reserved only for the privileged, now it has been reduced to a symbol of geekiness of nerds and nerdettes.

Reading has become one of the most underrated forms of entertainment of our generation. While there use to be a time when reading was a symbol of luxury and sophistication reserved only for the privileged, now it has been reduced to a symbol of geekiness of nerds and nerdettes. Due to the technological inventions and our reducing attention spans, it is not surprising that we prefer to ogle at the mobile screens rather then read seemingly painstakingly long paragraphs. I bet many of you have already checked out of this article as it involves some old school reading. For those who are still sticking around, Hey! Welcome. You have taken your first step to becoming a reader.

Banish the Stereotypes!:

 Like I mentioned before, reading have come to be associated with bookworms, nerds and geeks. The pop culture in last few decades have stereotyped reading as ‘uncool’ and libraries and as ‘boring’. How and why? I don’t really understand. What I do know is that reading is just like any other way of consuming content and entertainment just like watching movies or listening to music. It is definitely more effort consuming then simply watching a movie but it will become easier as you develop speed and vocabulary by reading regularly. Not only will it eventually help with the language and articulation but also make you so much more aware of important stuff in world. So break the stereotypes and make serious effort for cultivating this habit.

Study your entertainment habits:

Find out the kind of content that you like to consume. See what kind of content captures your interest. Are you someone who really enjoys biographies and learn about history and culture, or something very light hearted and comedic? Do you like stories of struggles of people around the world or just a classic romance? Or are your someone who enjoy adventure stories or just a good old spooky scary horror movie? It is very VERY important to know your entertainment and content consumption habits. This will help you find a book that you would enjoy and actually read. A very good parameter could be the kind of movies you like to watch. A lot of movies are actually based of book adaptations so trying to find such books could be a good starting point.

Research, Study the genres, Don’t follow the hype:

For someone wanting to develop a reading habit for long time, this could be one of the important steps. When I say you should research, I mean don’t just look for best selling books or most well known authors. In my personal experience, a lot of bestsellers have proved to be dud and many underrated, not performing well books have much better storylines and amazing characters. So read the blurbs (small summaries about the book at the back of cover) and decide for yourself if it interests you. Again, sticking to your genre is important. For someone who enjoys horror movies, you can’t expect them to like the biography of a football star.

Hit, Miss, Persevere:

Finally! Now is the time to start reading. Since you have already done a good amount of research in step 2 and step 3, you should have a book which is somewhat related to your interests. The thing that will prevent you from reading at this stage would be distractions. Even if you would be at home sitting free, you would be scrolling through twitter or your instagram feed without realising that you could spend your time reading instead. It’s also not possible to give up all the social media and start reading all the time. Be realistic, and try to divide time time that you spend on Twitter/facebook/instagram/youtube and reading. Another problem you might face is the book is completely different from what was projected and no longer hold your interest. In that case, you might fall into the notorious reading slump. So give that book up and try another. Don’t lose hope. I mean, we all have seen bad movies at some time of our life. Doesn’t mean we stopped watching movies all together, isn’t?

Habit to Last a Lifetime:

Once you have successfully finished reading a book, Congratulations! The most difficult part is over. Once you have figured out what interests you and kind of genres that you like to enjoy, keep in touch. Follow some readers and authors online on social media so that you stay in loop of the new releases and author updates. Make some reader friends and have book discussions and recommendations. Make it a part of your life. Some people follow a 50 pages rule and it works for them. So try and read at least 25-50 pages everyday. Find out your own way of making it part of your daily habit and eventually you will find yourself wanting to read more often than you know. Happy Reading!!


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Comment below and let me know if you would want more personal blogs on reading and books. All suggestions are welcome. If you are already a reader and struggle to continue reading, comment below and I can write a seperate blog on that.

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