Are you looking for the tips to improve your vocabulary? We all know words are the basic blocks of building language. Without them, we cannot frame a sentence and if these sentences have to convey meaning more clearly and concisely, proper words and vocabulary have to be used. A great vocabulary can make your writing more powerful and can also improve your speaking skills that will help you to say exactly what you mean.

Here are the ways to drastically improve and expand your vocabulary:

Learn & Use a New Word Each Day

We all come across some words that we don’t know of. To improve our vocabulary, you need to learn a new word and use it immediately after you learn it. Just try to slip in that new word into your conversation, e-mail or texts etc. Not just using once, you need to then repeat it again. This is a great technique of learning new words and improving your vocabulary.

Use New Synonyms

Try to find synonyms of the words that your use very frequently. This way your can include new words into your vocabulary and also get a chance to use them frequently. For Example, instead of saying ‘very big’ try using words like ‘huge’, ‘enormous’, ‘mammoth’ in day to day conversations.

Read More Everyday

Reading everyday could assist in getting more exposure to new words. Reading especially novels, news articles or books would help you to quickly learn some words that you are not familiar with. Not reading very often will not help you along, you need to make a habit of reading consistently to improve drastically.

Learn roots of the Language

Learning roots of the language can actually help you in knowing the derivation of the word and ultimately will help you in knowing the meaning of the new word that you may come across. For example, In English language most of the words are derived or has a common root in Latin or Greek language. Once you learn a root, you’ll start understanding more words that use the same root. Thus it is a great tool for learning new words. For example, Greek word ‘antiqua‘ meaning old became English word ‘antique‘ and ‘ancient‘.

Play Word Games

Playing word games and doing word puzzles increase your word knowledge and is perfect for boosting your vocabulary. It is a challenge to own self and gets your brain to work and search for a word that fits into it. A word which you know but you don’t use it very often. So it is more of a brain exercise to move words from your memory banks to come into play. These games and puzzles help you discover new meanings and new words while being a great fun tool in expanding your vocabulary. So download some word games from play story and start playing!

Make a List

Use of thesaurus can be done for the new word that you don’t know the meaning of. For those words, all you need to do is make a list and write down the synonyms and antonyms of those words that will help you understand the word better. This can be of great help in learning new words and improving vocabulary.

However, building vocabulary is an ever-going process. Mere learning of meaning of a word is not sufficient you need to use it in your sentences. It is rightly said, in order to make a word yours, you should write and speak three sentences using it. Lastly, reading as much as you can, would greatly help you in the world of words.

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