How to Read Classic Books For Beginner Readers

How to Read Classic Books For Beginner Readers

Classics are some of the most well-loved books amongst the readers. They hold the power to captivate you with their words and take you into the minds & thoughts of people hundreds of years ago. Many readers over the years have devoured classics and generations of readers have spent their lifetimes reading and re-reading their favourite classic writers.

But many readers, especially during the start of their reading journey, find it difficult to read classics. This could be because of many reasons one of which could be unfamiliar vocabulary. Here are some of the tips on how to choose classics to pick and read for a beginner:

  • Choose the Correct Genre:

I have placed a huge emphasis on choosing the correct genre of book that is suitable to your interests even when people want to start reading more. I would like to bring the same consideration while choosing to pick up a classic as well. It’s fairly easy, if your interest is more towards romantic love stories, you can start by picking up some of the classic romantic novels such as Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. However, if your interest lies towards horror or thriller, try picking up Dracula by Bram Stoker, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley or The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

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  • Take your time, Do not rush:

The classic authors were the writers of a different generation. So naturally their writing style, tone and vocabulary are very different from what is written by today’s writers. For someone who is unfamiliar with a different writing style, it might be difficult to comprehend their thoughts when you first start reading the book. In such a case, it is important to take time and not rush the reading process. Trying the rush into reading the book might completely ruin the meaning and essence of the book which will eventually make you lose interest.


  • Consider using Online Resources:

There are several online websites and resources available online which can help in providing context and reading tips, especially for conservative writing styles such as dramas. They also help understand unfamiliar language & vocabulary, many of which might have gone out of style and not used anymore. Taking guidance from such online resources greatly help in reading such difficult classics & understanding the story along with its context.

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  •  Try out Abridged Versions:

Several classics over the years have been made into their abridged versions, meaning it has been shortened & simplified in order to reach the wider audience. For a beginner reader who is having a hard time reading a classic, reading an abridged version could be a good way to explore their interest in classics. These can eventually help read unabridged versions after being familiar with tone & story.

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