If you are a book lover and crazily spend your income on books and at the end of the month left with nothing but books. If you want to buy the pretty looking book that you saw on Instagram but are hindered by the major reason that is ‘cost’. Or if you are a student and want to save those bucks for daily expenses, here are the best ways for reading more books which will not cost you much and is in your budget.


For a book lover, it is very nice to have a public library nearby where you can go and read books for free. All you need to have is your library card and that doesn’t cost a lot of bucks. Library is a calm place where you can sit and relax in a calm environment and read.

Sell old books, Buy new ones

If you know that you are never going to read the books that you have already read, or the ones that you didn’t particularly like, you can try selling them for a few extra bucks to buy new books. So if you are short on cash, you can sell the books that you’ve already read and buy new ones. This way, you will be able to save a whole lot of money and will be able to read more.

Here are few websites where you can sell your old books

: http://bookmandee.com/

: https://www.bookchor.com/

E- Books

E- Books are the digital form of reading books. This is the great way of reading books by saving money as these books are cheaper than the printed ones. Also there are many sites selling free e- books and these books can be easily maintained as this doesn’t require room or shelves for keeping and storing them. Investing in Kindle is another great option if you find E-books more practical option.

Buy Kindle from here

: https://amzn.to/2sU6dm5

Charity Shops/ Thrift Stores

If you are little low on budget, charity stores or used books stores can be the best places to buy books. These are good not only for reading but you can also find some antique books at very low prices. Some of these places have hidden gems of amazing books which are always fun to discover. There are several online thrift stores available in India. Some of them are

: https://www.bookchor.com/

: http://bookmandee.com/ 


Switch Books

If you even have any friend who likes reading books, you can switch your books and read. Once you both are finished reading it repeat that again with other books too. This way you not have to spend much and you will be able to read different books of your choice and that too at no cost.

Reading books gives you knowledge and also improves your vocabulary. 

What are some of your tips of saving money and reading books?

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