I Love You But Only On Weekends by Anurag Minus Verma

I Love You But Only On Weekends by Anurag Minus Verma is a collection of eight engrossing online dating stories. Ranging from bizarre to humorous, the stories revolve around the need for a genuine human connection in an overcrowded metropolis.

You can read the blurb of the book here:

By exploring the online dating scene in India, the book attempts to deal with themes of loneliness, insecurity, confusion, and randomness of the current urban society. These stories, told in a humorous and entertaining style, try to understand what love means in our chaotic era and most importantly, ask the question “ Do we get more lonely when we meet another person ?”

1. Best Husband in Town: A delightful story about a married woman, also a mother of a 7-year-old, who meets strangers from the online dating app with the consent of her husband.

2. Political Orgasm: What happens when people from opposite political ideologies meet on a tinder date.

3. Freelance Lover: Sumit matches with an installation artist named Aparna Iyer who is in the city to conduct a strange social experiment.

4. Bored Instagram Lovers Waiting For Winters: What happens when an introvert is hit by the fresh hurricane of love?

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5. Sweet Philosophy Of Cheating: A married woman explains her irresistible fetish of getting caught and her eloquent philosophy behind cheating.

6. Top ten ways to celebrate the wedding of your fuck buddy: A story about a female erotica blogger from a small-town India.

7. How To Get Rid Of Nice Guys: At a curated house party a girl explains her odd dilemma and asks a question to a YouTuber – how to get rid of her boyfriend who is a very nice guy?

8. A girl who scratches her leg a bit too much: A girl dealing with the emotional trauma of a failed marriage is now trying to find answers by discovering her sexuality.

About the Author

Anurag Minus Verma is the author of Amazon bestseller: Love in the time of Pokemon. He is now based in Mumbai. After completion of his Masters in Arts and Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU, Delhi), he went to pursue a course in filmmaking from Film and Television Institute of India (FTII, Pune).
He writes freelance political columns for many mainstream publications such as The Wire, The Print, Newslaundry, Times of India (‌blog).

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