Impact Of The Pandemic On The Fashion Industry: Guest Post

There are so many industries that are being adversely impacted due to the pandemic and the fashion industry is one of them. The coronavirus pandemic had both good and bad impacts but significant adverse effects. Brands had to shut their doors during the fall 2020 fashion season. Important events like MET GALA were also postponed. There have been so many changes made by fashion magazines, fashion houses, retailers, etc due to the impact of the coronavirus, the full world lockdown has created a mess all around the world. The Fashion Design Council of India has always tried their best to support people as much as they can. They were one of the first to announce support to brands and businesses. FDCI helped small companies and young designers in need, which was a great initiative taken by them.

The fashion industries never leave an opportunity to surprise everyone. During this digital phase, even fashion went digital. They tried various ways to keep themself in the spotlight, be it weekly covers or having models on them, which were also self-taken to some extent. But there is a question that revolves around in everyone’s mind, how long can the magazine survive just as an Instagram account?

There are so many brands that converted the disadvantages of the pandemic to their advantage. The increasing need for sanitizer has brought up the sales of bath and body works with the growing demand for soaps and sanitizers. People have been at home for months, and even when the situation is getting healthy (apparently), there are so many who are still working from home. The requirement for comfortable clothing has increased a lot, which has been a massive advantage for Lululemon. 

So many people have been majorly impacted by shutting off the fashion shows, and one of those is the fashion students. Fashion students are so anxious about what’s going to happen next, especially when it comes to showcasing their work. There is another group of people who got impacted, and those are the models. Their life revolved around fashion shows, the editorial, etc. They are like wage earners, and their income revolves around those. 

We are all hoping, life gets back to normal, and we can freely shop from our favorite places without fear and see the glamour on the ramp as soon as possible!

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