Interesting Facts About Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf, born on 25th January 1882, is widely considered one of the most important modernist and feminist writers. She was successful in her own time with her writing as well as through her work for education reform. She and her husband, Leonard, also ran the publishing house, Hogarth, where most of her works were published. Here are some interesting facts about Woolf:

  • During a time when women rarely got an education, Virginia managed to study Ancient Greek, intermediate Latin, and German, together with continental and English history at the Ladies’ Department of King’s College London.

  • Virginia’s mother died when she was 13, and her sister soon after, leading to the first of her nervous breakdowns.

  • To lower her increasing anxieties as a teenager, Woolf’s family doctor suggested she stop all lessons and play outside for four hours per day so that she has enough of sunshine and exercise.

  • Woolf first tried to kill herself at the age of 22 by jumping out of a window. Fortunately, she survived.

  • Virginia married Leonard Woolf who was not rich and affluent but together they founded the Hogarth Press, which became Virginia’s publisher.

  • Woolf was an ardent fan of attending concerts and the Opera. She listened to Beethoven’s late quartets while writing The Waves.

  • Beyond the feminism for which she is known, Woolf’s lyrical writing is characterized by and celebrated for her love of experimentation.

  • Virginia Woolf suffered from depression and it was also believed that she was bipolar. She committed suicide at the age of 59, in 1941. She filled her pockets with stones and walked into the River Ouse. It was over two weeks before her body was found.

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