Invertonomics: Eight Ideas to Transform India by Goonmeet Singh Chauhan

Invertonomics: Eight Ideas to Transform India by Goonmeet Singh Chauhan will be released on 20 July on SoftCover. The book is being published by HarperCollins. A number of fundamental and chronic problems in India, from inequality in society to problems in the rural economy and public health infrastructure. In his book, Invertonomics: 8 ideas to transform India, architect and urbanist Goonmeet Singh Chauhan aims to address these problems and gives eight ideas that, he writes, could transform India.

It features a foreword by Navin B. Chawla, the former chief election commissioner of India, who is a founder trustee of the Darshan Trust and the Lepra India Trust, which works with differently-abled children and with leprosy patients and their families, respectively. In his book, Chauhan uses a new methodology to invert India’s socioeconomic problems and look at them as economic opportunities. Chauhan identifies problems right from the time of independence in India, such as women feeling unsafe in public places, poor management of traffic, hazardous air quality, low rate of basic education, garbage on the roads, and an overall governance deficit. And from these, he then identifies eight problem areas and proposes well-explained, pragmatic, and successfully implemented models to achieve a solution.

Through the eight chapters of his book, Chauhan aims to provide solutions that will make people realize the dream of a great India. The book is dedicated to all of Chauhan’s teachers and his parents who, he says, gave him the courage to dream and confidence to follow his passion for problem-solving and transformation.

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