Amazon Kindle is a portable handheld device that allows you to read books on the go. Downloading e-Books directly into the device lets you have an access to your entire library at your fingertips. A true book lover will tell you that there is nothing like the experience of reading from a physical book. But it is undeniably true that popularity of e-Book devices have increased over the years among the readers.

With price range costing you a few thousand rupees, buying a Kindle is not a cheap option and may differ according to everyone’s needs. Here are some of the features of Kindle which can help you decide whether it is worth the investment for you or not:

Unlimited Books at Go

Kindle helps to carry books, whether they are bulky or a short read, at the go. You can carry around your selection of books and read, while not being confined to one book. It is also very convenient while reading a long book which is otherwise difficult to carry and might take up space in your bag.

Cheaper Books, Great Prices

The e-Book version of most of the books is usually available at cheaper prices as compared to their paperback or hardcover version. There are also thousands of books that are available to read for free if you avail the service of Kindle Unlimited.

Make Notes, Highlights

As a reader, I love to highlight some of my favorite quotes or discussions from the book. Kindle provides you an option of highlighting your favorite sections and bookmark them for your reference later. This is especially useful if you are doing some research and also want to add any notes to such highlights.

Dictionary and Translation

Having a dictionary and a translator could be extremely useful for young readers or books of different languages. It helps to remove the hassle of carrying around a dictionary or using google in middle of reading.

Travel Friendly Option

Kindle is a great option for readers who travel frequently. Since the battery life of Kindle is extremely powerful and can last without charging for days, You can travel with essentially your whole library all over the world as you travel.

Space Saving Solution

Although it’s a dream of every book lover to have a library, there is only so much space in our houses and apartments to cram the physical books. For someone who reads really quickly and frequently, storing of the physical books can be a real challenge in long run. For true bibliophiles, Kindle can be a great solution for new books and authors to explore while they can declutter their physical collection of books to just favorites.

Although nothing beats the experience of reading a physical book and feeling of the flicking pages of the book, Kindle is a great space saving, cheap and portable option to make reading easy and accessible for busy people on the go.