It Is High Time Schools And Parents Come To An Agreement About Fees

We are all going through tough times because of the ongoing pandemic. The destruction caused by the pandemic exceeds the death toll. Many individuals have lost their jobs, businesses have shut down. There have been pay cuts and the economy, in general, is in shambles.

We are all aware of the various protests going on throughout the country by the parents who are demanding that the schools not take any fee as the children are not attending classes. ‘NO SCHOOL, NO FEE’ seems to be the general sentiment amongst the parents. If you look at it from their angle, it does make sense. Cash flow is next to nil and school fee can be pretty high, especially at the beginning of the new academic year. There are some parents who are just asking for a fee reduction. This too makes sense for obvious reasons. But, if you actually think about it, is it feasible?

A school employs a lot of people. From the principal to the teachers to the clerks and even the security guards all depend on the salary that they get from the school. These individuals work tirelessly all throughout the year to provide the best education to the children, your children. We agree that the children are not attending school as of now but all these people are dependent on the school. You can’t just ignore their efforts. Most schools are conducting online classes. Not all teachers are tech-savvy,  yet they are there for the benefit of your child.

In these uncertain times where no one seems to find a solution to our problems. It is necessary that we as humans stand for each other, and find a middle ground. After all, for a child, the home and the school are the two most important places.

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