Kalith: Tiyasa’s Malediction by Khyati

Kalith: Tiyasa’s Malediction is the second book in the Kalith Series written by author Khyati.  Published by Notion Press the book came out in May 2020.

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The aftermath of the Battle of Agnipur has set the sun completely on the lives of The King’s Nine. As Kalith’s search for his lost father continues, the nine gifted warriors are dealing with the recent murder of their mentor and adjusting to their new frivolous yet hectic lives in the palace, while trying to maintain their sanity against being constantly judged as freaks, paraded around like circus-men and derided for being the new king’s First Men in an unstable post-war kingdom.

As The Nine try to find their foothold, while trying to stick together and survive as a team, a blood-curdling note from the forgotten past leads them into the musky cages of the snake-infested land of the Vish Kanyas – the Village of Darkness. The Nine face their biggest nightmare yet as they encounter the nerve-wracking and enigmatic Black Princess and her pet Turbans while trying to decipher the gruesome, twisted truth behind the macabre racket.

An abduction of one of their own takes them into invading the cursed land of Ubhakrat, where accompanied by a valorous navigator with a vendetta of his own, The Nine finally stumble upon their ultimate fate – the reckoning of Tiyasa’s malediction. Choking on the prophecy that mind-numbingly wove everything together and battling the twisted monsters unleashed by this strange land, The Nine ultimately step up to meet their nemesis – indestructibly powerful, brilliantly all calculating and paramount super villains – the Triad.

About the Author

Khyati Agrawal Gupta is a novelist and a doodle artist by profession (founder of the personalized doodle merchandise company dOOdle BARF, which was started in 2015). She is an animation and multimedia graduate with a diploma in psychological counseling. An avid fan of fantasy fiction, she likes to spend her free time working as a freelance scriptwriter, watching American television series, reading, exploring new places and cuisines, doodling, and learning new things.

Kalith: Tiyasa’s Malediction is the second book in the Kalith series, a sequel to Kalith: Origin of The King’s Nine, the first book of the Kalithverse, which was a roaring success and was featured in newspapers, including The Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, DTNext and Telangana Today.

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