Lanka’s Princess: Book Review

How much do we really know about Surpanakha apart from the fact that she was Ravana’s sister? We do know that she had her nose cut off by the hands of Laksham but that is pretty much it. She has always been portrayed as an evil character who was the reason behind the war between Ram and Ravana. Lanka’s Princess by Kavita Kane exposes us to Meenakshi, the name given to Surpanakha at birth. The girl who has pretty eyes and who mostly felt unloved all throughout her life.

The book focuses on the life of Surpanakha, telling the events that unfolded from her perspective. The only daughter of her parents, she grew up in an environment full of hatred. Happiness and love do not stay in her life for long. This particularly forces her to live a life full of hatred and spite. The transformation of the kind, compassionate, and wonderful Princess Meenakshi into the ruthless and vengeful Surpanakha is heart-breaking to follow. The events of her life will make you want to sympathize with her yet she will always remain the villain of the story. She has been portrayed to be a very strong female character who is not afraid to stand up for what she wants even when no one else is with her.

My Opinion

The book gives a whole new outlook to the character of Surpanakha. The character will keep you mesmerized and will show you shades of a woman that you will never forget. What I really liked about the book was that Kavita Kane does not portray her to be either a villain or a victim. All throughout the book, you will alternate between feeling bad for Meenakshi on one hand and on the other hand feeling disgusted with her choices. Every person who reads the book can form his or her own opinion about her life. The book has a flow to it and is a must-read for anyone looking for a fresh perspective.

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