The author of a literary phenomenon, who gave us the Harry Potter fantasy series which is nowadays one of the most successful series worldwide and lived rags to riches lifestyle, it is none other than J. K. Rowling. Here are some fascinating facts about her that you probably never knew.

  • Well known as J.K. Rowling, the author’s name is Joanne Rowling. She doesn’t have any middle name, the “K” in her professional name is not actually her middle name it stands for Kathleen, in honor of her grandmother.
  • Rowling wrote her first story called ‘Rabbit’ at the age of six and when she gave it to her mother, her mother said ‘That’s very, very good’ & Rowling told her to get it published then, which was a very odd thing for a child of six to say that.
  • Rowling always knew that she wanted to become a writer, when she was just a kid and did not know how to read or write, she used to copy words from the books without actually knowing what they meant and managed to write her first novel when she was just 11.
  • From a single unemployed mother, she became a billionaire with her amazing novels in five years.
  • She was declared the first female novelist billionaire, and after that she donated 100 million pounds to charity, which led to her removal from Forbes list as a billionaire.
  • Her first Harry Potter script was rejected by 12 publishing houses, before Bloomsbury picked it up.
  • When she turned 45, the author donated £10 million to the University of Edinburgh to open the Anne Rowling Degenerative Neurology Clinic in honor of her mum as she died at the age of 45 years from multiple sclerosis.
  • When she was working as a secretary, she was being fired from her job because she kept losing herself thinking about the stories she was writing.
  • Her father  sold her first edition copy of ‘Goblet of Fire’, collection of rare signed as “lots of love from your first born” at auction for £27,500 in 2003 and this was the reason her relationship with her father fell out and they stopped talking to each other.
  • In 2001, Rowling bought her wedding dress in a disguise for her second marriage to Dr Neil Murray because she didn’t want to be recognized.
  • She was diagnosed with clinical depression after her failed marriage, being jobless with dependent child and tried to commit suicide during this period. Later she says this depression helped me to focus on writing.

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